I Luoghi della Battaglia

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The Places of the battle

The Places of the Battle


The first prototype of these historical signals was presented on 4th June 2000. The Pro Loco, that since a long time had been wishing to create it, cared for design, texts and images and the graphic outline. In March 2001 the ten panels were set in different areas of the town and are still a worthy reference to retrace the various phases of that day in 1859. The writing “1859 I luoghi della storia” (1859 The places of history) are marked on the prototype and on the final versions. It was indicated as symbol of a union among municipalities that were protagonists of the II War of independence, an aid to promote and develop relationships as far as history and culture at large are concerned. On June 2003, during the 144th anniversary of the battle, the Mayors of Montebello, Palestro, Magenta, Solferino, the President of Pro Loco Magenta and the General Consul of France, signed the official act for the establishment of the Association.